About Us

Hi! I’m SheepReeve. Thanks for stopping by.

After one retires, there is a realization that you have more time on your hands and this is followed by a search for something meaningful to do. We decided that getting away from the modern world had some appeal and we bought a small ranch with some land and potential to raise animals. Of course then comes the important decision of which animal suits your temperament and interests, at first we tried Nubian goats and a local breed of sheep, the Navajo-Churro. We quickly realized goats were beyond our patience and found that the Navajo-Churro was a very good match for us, a breed that was hardy and easy to work with, – and most of all intelligent.

Over the last ten to twelve years raising them we have gained a great appreciation for their qualities and find them very individualistic and remarkably similar to humans, though with far less baggage most humans come with. When we began this journey with the Navajo-Churro, we found it incredibly difficult to find useful information on how to care for our animals, how to shear them properly, how to create a product from which to sustain our flock. Here on this website we intend to introduce new breeders to our experiences with some hard learned tricks and tips and most of all sharing our passion and love of the breed.