Manure Use and Storage

With summer just around the corner, we have been inundated with orders for manure, with just a month into our busy season we have exhausted a significant amount of our processed inventory accumulated over the winter. Currently we are working through the bulk manure we have only roughly sorted and are focusing on collection and drying new inventory.

While working through this process the mind wanders and it occurred to me to that we should do a blog post on how customers can properly store manure to last beyond immediate use, for this is not always as obvious as it seems… the process of collection and sorting is always changing, over the last decade we have changed how we collect, sort and process manure many times, primarily trying to find the finished product that would offer the most appeal with the least work. Perhaps the most problematic step in the process is the drying and storing, we are blessed with ideal weather and climate for this process, perhaps no better place in the United States exists. We have extremely low humidity, vast amounts of sun, and short rainy seasons. These factors make this type of product practical here, for someone in a more humid environment the drying and storage would be far more problematic.

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